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    United Physician Group

United Physician Group

We are primary care providers, specialists, and healthcare management leaders, united to better serve your health.

United Physician Group

Primary Care
and Family Practice

United Physician Group

Chronic Pain
and Illness

United Physician Group

Aesthetic Treatments
and Wellness

For Patients

A Network of the Best

We network with the best, in your best interest, no matter where they practice. Your doctor can refer you to any specialist in any group or hospital.

Continuum of Care

We have a culture of collaboration in the service of your health. We coordinate closely with all of your doctors and specialists to orchestrate your comprehensive care.

Prevention and Intervention

We believe your health is a worthy investment. We emphasize preventative care and lasting interventions for a meaningful impact on your quality of life.

Time and Attention

We value quality of care over quantity of patients. Our veteran healthcare management team takes care of running the practice, freeing your doctor to focus completely on your personalized care.

Comfort and Convenience

We care about your comfort and convenience. Many common tests and procedures are offered right in your doctor’s office, saving you time and money.

United Physician Group

For Practices

United Physician Group

You’ve Built Your Practice

Now Let Us Take Care of It, While You Take Care of Your Patients

When you and your practice unite with United Physician Group, we’ll take on the back-office burdens of running a thriving business, freeing you to focus on caring for your patients as only you know best.

A Healthy Practice for Healthy Patients

Let our veteran healthcare management team take care of the business of running the practice, always putting your patients first. We’ll empower you to reach more patients and dedicate more time to caring for your current patients.

Unite with the Best

Collaborate with the nation’s finest healthcare providers in shared purpose. Refer your patients to any specialist in any group or hospital system. Because referrals should be made in the best interest of your patients, not the best interest of a group or hospital’s bottom line.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Plan ahead for a retirement that carries on your legacy. Guide the next generation of doctors as they learn to care for your patients as you always have. Transition into the secure and comfortable retirement you deserve.

United Physician Group
United Physician Group


United Physician Group


United Physician Group


For Providers

Join a Team Focused on Personalized Care

Your Talents and Long Study Have a Higher Purpose: To Serve the Best Interests of Each Patient’s Health

United Physician Group
United Physician Group

Network with the Best

Refer your patients to any specialist in any group or hospital system, in the best interests of your patients, as only you know best. Join our culture of collaboration and shared purpose as we work together to serve each patient’s health.

Time to Do Things Right

Like you, we value quality of care over quantity of patients. Take the time you need to understand each patient’s health, discuss their options, develop a plan, and give them the care they need.

Free to Focus on What Matters Most

You didn’t go to medical school to push papers and comb through contracts. Your talents and long study have a higher purpose than that. We handle all the back-office burdens, freeing you to care for your patients as only you know best.

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