UPG for Practices

A Healthy Practice for Healthy Patients

At United Physician Group, we believe that a healthy practice supports healthy patient outcomes. But the business of running a practice is getting more complicated every year.

  • Electronic records, billing, and reimbursement
  • Digital marketing and online patient portals
  • Payer contracts and human resource concerns

You’re responsible for a lot that has little to do with what you learned in medical school.

You’ve grown a successful practice. Now you can let our veteran healthcare management team take care of the business of running it.

When you and your practice unite with United Physician Group, we’ll always put your patients first, just as you always have.  And as we take on the back-office burdens, we’ll empower you to dedicate your time to your patients’ personalized care.

How We Help Your Practice Thrive

Practice Management

You didn’t go to medical school to push papers and comb through contracts. Your talents and long study have a higher purpose than that. Get back to the work you love the most: caring for your patients with all the time and attention they need for healthy outcomes.

When you sell your practice to United Physician Group, our veteran healthcare management team will run the practice for you. Operating at scale, we’ll bring experienced professionals to all management and administrative roles.

We’ll streamline back-office operations, elevate customer service, and help the practice grow, always putting your patients first. We’ll free you to focus on caring for your patients as only you know best.

Free Yourself to Focus on Patient Care

Retirement Planning

You’ve invested 25, 30 years in growing your practice. You’re a longstanding contributor to your community, maybe now treating the grandchildren of your first patients. You’d like to retire one day, but you don’t want to give up your patients to a group or hospital system that won’t carry on your tradition of personalized care.

We can help. At United Physician Group, we share your commitment to personalized care and healthy patient outcomes. And we know your decades of experience are worth a lot.

As your practice unites with us, we’ll work with you to plan a gradual, multi-year transition that carries on your legacy.  Under your guidance, the next generation of doctors will learn to care for your patients as you always have. And we’ll help you plan for the secure and comfortable retirement you deserve for your many years caring for your community.

Ask Us About Retirement Planning

Valuation and Acquisition

By many measures, the work you do is priceless. You restore people to good health, save their lives, relieve their pains, and enhance their quality of life.

While the higher purpose of your work is of transcendent worth, the business of your practice has a fair market value. If you’re considering selling your practice, you’ll need to figure out what that value is. We can help you do that. We’ll analyze:

  • Practice financials
  • Assets owned by the practice
  • Staffing size, roles, and credentials
  • Patient caseload for each clinician
  • Opportunities for enhanced efficiencies and growth

Once we’ve determined a fair market value for your practice, we can continue the conversation about a possible acquisition.

You can of course sell your practice to another physician, another group, or a hospital system. Their purchase prices for your practice may be comparable to what we offer. But many practice owners choose to join United Physician Group because we:

  • Invest in preventions and interventions that enhance patient quality of life
  • Free you up to focus on patient care with your full time and attention
  • Empower you to refer to a network of the best, no matter where they practice
  • Have a culture of collaboration and systems to support a comprehensive continuum of care
  • Relieve you of back-office burdens and help your practice grow
  • Expand your in-office services, so your patients can receive more tests and procedures in the comfort and convenience of your office
  • Help you plan for a comfortable retirement and lasting legacy

If you think that joining United Physician Group might be right for your practice, contact us to start a conversation today.

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