Blood Sugar Testing

Blood Sugar Testing

Blood Sugar Testing services offered in Myrtle Beach, Piedmont and Spartanburg, SC

Blood sugar testing is essential to diabetes management, helping you understand how food, stress, or illness affects your blood glucose numbers. At United Physician Group, the multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive diabetes management, including blood sugar testing. Call the office in Piedmont, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, or Spartanburg, South Carolina, or Douglasville, Conyers, or Hampton, Georgia, to find out more about blood sugar testing. Or use the online booking tool to make an appointment.

Blood Sugar Testing Q & A

What is blood sugar testing?

Blood sugar testing measures the amount of sugar, also called glucose, in your blood. The sugar in your blood comes from the food you eat and serves as the primary energy source for all the cells in your body.


When sugar enters your bloodstream, it triggers the release of insulin from the pancreas. Insulin is a hormone that moves blood sugar into the cells.


If you have too much sugar in your blood, your pancreas isn’t making enough insulin, or the insulin isn’t working as it should. Too much sugar in the blood usually means you have diabetes — or are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Who needs blood sugar testing?

You need blood sugar testing if you have diabetes symptoms, are at risk of developing diabetes, or have diabetes.


The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends adults start diabetes screening at age 45. This screening includes various types of blood sugar testing.

What are some types of blood sugar testing?

Standard blood sugar tests include:

A1C (Hemoglobin A1c)

The A1C test averages your blood sugar levels over two to three months.

Fasting blood sugar test

A fasting blood sugar test checks your blood sugar numbers after fasting (not eating or drinking anything but water) for at least eight hours before your test.

Random blood sugar test

A random blood sugar test checks your blood sugar number at that moment, without fasting.

At-home blood sugar testing

If you have diabetes, you must regularly test your blood sugar at home. This testing helps you understand how everyday life (diet, exercise, stress) affects your blood sugar.

When should I have blood sugar testing?

Your United Physician Group provider can talk to you about blood sugar testing and when you should have it. Blood sugar testing for diabetes screening is done yearly at your annual physical exam. United Physician Group can order blood sugar testing through their lab services.

If you have risk factors for diabetes, your provider might recommend additional testing to closely monitor numbers and make changes to improve them. Blood sugar testing is a routine part of diabetes management at the office and home.

Do you have questions about blood sugar testing? Call United Physician Group today or schedule an appointment online at the office nearest you.