George Bradey, PA

George Bradey, PA

Pain Management

George Bradey graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in the physician assistant program.

Before working in the medical field, George taught advanced placement biology at a high school for 31 years. However, becoming a physician assistant was a career he had always dreamed of. Bradey was exposed to medicine in college, where he worked as an orderly at a local hospital. From this experience, he fell in love with patient care.

During his early 20s, though, he was advised to defer from pursuing a career in healthcare. However, after retiring from teaching, George revisited his lifelong dream of becoming a physician assistant. “I knew I had to pursue that dream,” he recalls. “I wanted it so badly.”

In addition to working in pain management, George has expertise in family medicine, geriatric psychiatry, wound care, surgery, and hyperbaric treatment.

“I’m still learning a lot,” he explains, “but I love patient care, and I’m very passionate about patients and their needs. Now I’m in a specialty where I can focus on one thing: making the pain tolerable for a better quality of life for the patient. It’s exciting to get them to that point.”

George joined United Physicians Group in February, 2020, and appreciates the support and inspiration he continues to receive from his colleagues.


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