Carl Brinkman, PA

Carl Brinkman, PA

Pain Management

DeWayne Brinkman received his Master of physician assistant studies from the University of the Cumberlands subsequent to receiving  his Doctor of chiropractic from Sherman College of Chiropractic.

Prior to becoming a physician assistant, Brinkman owned and operated his own chiropractic practice. With a desire to expand his scope of medicine, he decided to embark in a new direction by enrolling in physician assistant school.

“I think the chiropractic and clinical background I’ve had in the past sets me apart,” he explains. “My clinical experience, as well as owning my own office for five years, has really helped me to tune in on where a patient’s pain is coming from and how to treat it better.”

Today he puts his physician assistant degree to use by focusing on pain management at United Physician Group. As a PA, Brinkman has previously worked in both orthopedics and sports medicine. Pain management, he says, brings with it a special brand of satisfaction.

“It’s rewarding to help people who have been turned down by many other doctors.” Brinkman says, “I  help them function and complete their daily tasks. The biggest joy I receive is allowing a patient to realize medication isn’t the only answer to pain management.”

According to Brinkman, a pain management provider’s job is to look at the patient’s issue in a holistic manner. In doing so, the provider can choose the correct intervention from a variety of options, some of which include spinal cord stimulators, steroid injections, and  peripheral nerve stimulators.

“There’s always more than one cause to the pain,” he explains. “Figuring out that cause and finding a solution other than medication is the most important thing we can do as pain management providers now.”

The pain management professionals at United Physicians Group operate as a team, Brinkman says. “We collaborate and try to get the best solution possible for the situation,” he explains. “Everyone at United Physicians Group takes great pride in being professional, engaging, caring for patients, respecting all who come through our doors.”

Brinkman is an avid golfer, and he enjoys spending time with his wife and four children.


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