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Does Gynecology Play a Role in Chronic Pain?

There are a variety of underlying causes of chronic pain, so pursuing a diagnosis often calls for a process of elimination. In the case of chronic pelvic pain, it’s possible a gynecological issue could be to blame. Here’s a closer look at what could be causing your persistent discomfort, and what methods our doctors may […]

The Power and Impact of a Rest Day for Your Body

Whether you’ve recently started getting into fitness, or you’re an advanced athlete, it can be exciting to see progress from your training regimen. After completing a great workout, you may already be looking ahead to your next session. But it’s just as important to schedule rest days no matter what your routine is — and […]

STDs aren’t the End of the World—How to Proceed

Establishing a new relationship is hard work: there’s the meet cute, the important first date, the essential first kiss, and then eventually moving to intercourse together. Unless at some point you both decide to break things off, the stress of increasing physical, emotional, and spiritual connectivity may only intensify from there. So what do you […]

Can a Positive Mindset Change Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain can sometimes seem impossible to bear, let alone manage. This can understandably cause a lot of overwhelming and intensely negative thoughts at once. Thankfully, there may be a correlation between a positive mindset and reduced symptoms of chronic pain. What is the Connection Between a Positive Mindset and Chronic Pain? Chronic pain can […]

How Alcohol Affects Your Body Long-Term

Drinking alcohol to cope with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic increased by 46% in the months after it began. But even moderate consumption during less stressful times can lead to long-term health risks. We want to help you make well informed health decisions while coping with stress of any kind. Impact on Weight In […]

How Pain Impacts Men and Women Differently

There’s been ongoing social debate for years about who withstands pain better: men or women. Perhaps you’ve even had such a discussion at your dinner table. Some believe women have an overall higher tolerance for pain, thanks in part to their experience with childbirth and menstrual periods. Others feel men are more adept at “muscling […]

Physician-Approved Ways to Love Your Heart

In today’s love culture, news feeds and social media pages are filled with grand gestures, gifts, and of course, hearts. These can all serve as a great reminder that you can practice self-love this month and beyond by taking care of your own heart. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, heart health is […]